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Digital Transformation, Big Data, Tracking, Data Privacy and Automation are challenges, but also opportunities of the digital industry. At webalyse flexibility, efficiency and integrity are part of our culture. 

Development Opportunities

We have developed a talent process with a mentoring system starting as Junior, getting first understanding of our clients challenges and training in the main digital marketing technologies. 


Employees grow with more responsibilities, experience in projects and innovation challenges. We empower the people to work their way and give them flexibility to manage their day-to-day duties. 

The webalyse Family

We work hard together, but there is always time for activities and fun away from work. We have offices in Zurich, Munich and Bratislava, but also give employees the possibility to partly work from their home office.

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webalyse  is an independent consulting and service company which was founded in in Zug, Switzerland. 

webalyse entered the market back in 2010 to help large and medium-sized companies to set up and integrate an e-business and to measurably increase the respective marketing, sales and service performance using web analytics and big data; a mission that drives us to top performance every day and inspires us and our customers when measurable success is achieved after concentrated work.

webalyse today has a broad understanding of business and industry as well as the analytical and technical expertise to bring you to the top of your industry through your digital channels. The know-how transfer plays a crucial role in this.

We work for market-leading, large and medium-sized companies in Switzerland and in the EU that operate in both B-to-C and B-to-B environments. We combine commercial experience with technical expertise and are familiar with complex matrix organizations, governance structures and IT landscapes. We are in regular contact with other regional and global consulting and technology companies and can offer our clients a remarkable network of different specialists.

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Our field of work, the technologies used and our customers are constantly evolving. We always want to be one step further in this process. That presupposes that we keep ourselves informed and further developed. There is an opportunity for everyone to take on more responsibility, to specialize technically or to take on managerial tasks, depending on their interests and personal circumstances.

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Check out our jop postings, and let us know if you can see yourself in one of them!

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CH: Untermüli 11, 6300 Zug
DE: Orleansstr. 6, 81669 Munich
SK: Tolstého 5, 811 06 Bratislava